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Salzer Wire Profile

Salzer has fine world class manufacturing facilities with ISO 9001, ISO 4001 and ISO 18001 accreditation. The group has a diverse product portfolio ranging from cam switches, Load Break Switches, Wiring ducts, Toroidal transformers, Modular Switches etc.

Salzer Magnet Wires Limited (SMW), a pert of salzer group, has a great vision and power of innovation in the field of enameled wires.

Salzer Magnet Wires Limited, draws tis strength and quality from the state of the art manufacturing facilities. The enameling are fitted with on-line High Voltage continuity tester for detacting pain holes and weak spot on every millimeter. Also the latest PC based equipment for measurement of Dielectric Dissipation Factor(Tan d), ensures consistent wire quality during production.

Salzer Magnet Wires Limited, offers extensive range of enameled wires suitable for any known application in Transformers, Motors, Alternators, Contactors, Relays and Auto electrical. Our wires are also suitable for use in high speed coil winding machines.

Our enameled wires are manufactures to National and Internbational Standards such as IS, NEMA, IEC, UL and JIS. The copper conductors are manufactured from 99.997% pure ETP grade copper and insulated with high temperature engineered enamel, which provides excellent dieletric properties and excellent resistance to stress cracking.